Greys Anatomy finally back on TV!!  

mandag 31. august 2009

Greys Anatomy is finally back on Norwegian TV. I've been waiting for months for season 5 to start. We need some McSteamy on the telly *giggle*.

Other then that the tv night is saved the weather has totally sucked big time today. Rainy and windy and actually a bit chilly. The summer is definatly over for 2009 which is sad since the Norwegian summer has shown itself from it's worst side this year.
I think we've had all together 3 weeks with nice and warm weather since May, that blows!!
But hopefully it'll be a heck of a lot better next year. :)

OK i'm going to fix some pizza before Greys Anatomy starts in 30 mins.. so later "gator"!!

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Air Show at Rygge  

søndag 23. august 2009

Today my assistant and I decided to go see the airshow at Rygge. We packed our canon's and jumped in the car and drove out to Rygge. The Air show had already started but that was ok. It was really awesome to see how they manouvered those airplanes in the air the way they did. I took a few pics (around 300) hehe, but i'm not going to post them all on here. I hope the pictures came out OK...

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Shoot pictures from your hips..  

Last weekend FFM in Norway (Muscular Dystrophy Association) had a course in how to take pictures when you're not able to hold a camera with weak arms. The course was called "Shoot pictures from your hips". It was lots of fun, we learned how to take Macro, Landscape and portrets. I'll upload a few of the pictures I took on here...


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English or Norwegian??  

How should I go about this?
English or Norwegian??
I have lots of friends in the States and none of them know any Norwegian. So should i do my blogg in English? I've not decided on what to do about that.... yet...
I need advices... Zettie get your ass over here and tell me what to do??? LOL

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Flytter fra  

Har nå sittet en god stund å fundert på om jeg skal flytte fra og til (blogspot) slik at jeg blir kvitt den irriterende reklamen.
Og det har jeg nå akkurat gjort!!
Kl er nå 01:14am og egentlig så burde jeg vel gå og legge meg, men det er jo tross alt lørdags kveld er det ikke? *flire*

Nå skal jeg bruke litt tid på å finne ut hvordan dette konseptet fungerer... :)

Ha en fantastisk natt!!

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